A contemporary Syrian Canadian artist painter based in Laval, Quebec. Was born in Damascus, Syria and moved to Dubai, UAE and finally settled in Canada in 2017. Graduated from the Painting Department of the Faculty of fine arts, University of Damascus in 2000. Then, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Mass Communication and Science of Media, University of Damascus and graduated in 2008. This gave her a special vision of life and its surroundings, so she began working with the eyes of the photojournalist and the heart of the artist. Finally, when she arrived in Canada, She got a diploma in Starting Business (Attestation of Vocational Specialization) from Career center Collage Saint Pius X, Montreal, Canada 2019


Her movement between East and West contributed to building her personality and her subjects. So, she created a major theme of her artwork as the cultural connection between strongly rooted memories of the Orient and the continuously evolving western civilization. Her artworks shed the light on many humanitarian issues, expresses the issues of injustice, poverty, and elimination, all in a harmonious and unique presentation.


Her work has been recognized by critics, art historians, and collectors. She honored by several official bodies: the mayor of Laval city Mr Marc Demers on the occasion of International Women’s Day-choice her among the most 7 effective women in the city 2021 .Letter of congratulations from deputy federal in the Canadian Parliament -House of Commons- Mr Angelo Iacono for winning a big competition in North America 2020 .


She won several art competitions, most notably: 

Award and Silver Medal at 51th International Exhibition of CAPSQ (the Circle of Artists and Sculptors of Quebec) in Paris, France 2021. Won a competition to design a monument belonging to the District-U1 International Lions Clubs which in 2021will placed in one of Canadian public square in 2022.


Randa has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions including: Twice Solo exhibition (BEAT) with Lions Clubs International Convention 2021-2022, it is supposed to be at  Montreal Convention Center and it became virtual because of Covid-19 International, Quebec, Canada 2021- Solo Exhibition (Grenadine seeds) at Gallery DIB, Montreal, Canada 2019- Solo Exhibition (22 Kisses) at Afkar Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon 2018- Solo Exhibition (Between angels and Humans)at En Vogue Gallery in Dubai 2016- Solo Exhibition (Halat)at Aloperah House in Damascus 2015- Solo Exhibition (Halat)at Mustafa Ali Gallery in old Damascus 2015- Group Exhibition (Montreal en Festivites) 19 canadian artists at Gallea gallery – Montreal _ Canada 2022, Group exhibition with the Circle of Artists and Sculptors of Quebec in 51st international exhibition of the CAPSQ at church of the 18th Century Madeleine, Paris, France2021- Group Exhibition (Elixir) Virtual - The Peace Candles Association at Arab Culture Center, Damascus, Syria 2021- Group Exhibition (Tisser Vos Reve) The Museum of Masters and Craftsmen of Quebec ,Montreal 2019- Group Exhibition at M Gallery, L'assomption, Canada 2019- Group Exhibition (Réflexion -Refraction) at The Museum of Masters and Craftsmen of Quebec Montreal 2018- Group Exhibition (Regards d’artistes de la Syrie) at The Museum of Masters and Craftsmen of Quebec, Montreal 2017-  Group Exhibition (Metissage),Montreal 2017- Group Exhibition (Crazy) at UNECSO palace, Lebanon 2016- Group Exhibition (World Art Dubai) at Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai 2016


  • Member of the Committee of Culture and Arts at Business Professional World (Emirates Club) BPW, Dubai, UAE

  • Member at CAPSQ, Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec, Montreal, Canada

  • Membre at RAAV, Regrouping of Artists in Visual Arts of Quebec – Montreal - Canada

  • Member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts, Damascus, Syria